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Fernando P. García wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm pleased to announce that Nutria Seawolf is ready to your feedback.
> Nutria 0.6 is a PHP Standard Library, why not give it a try if you ever
> wanted to do your webscripts in your favorite programming language?

nice effort (even if i question the point of replicating PHP's vices).  I wanted to check the 'feel' of the code, and i don't know why, but i zeroed on the empty() implementation:

function empty(var)
        (var == nil) or
        (type(var) == 'boolean' and var == false or false) or
        (type(var) == 'number' and var == 0 or false) or
        (type(var) == 'string' and (var == '' or var == '0') or false) or
        (type(var) == 'table' and next(var) == nil or false)

remember that in Lua, two values can only be equal if they're of the same type, so you don't have to check the parameter's type before comparing:

function empty(var)
        var == nil or
        var == false or
        var == 0 or
        var == '' or
        var == '0' or
        (type(var)=='table' and next(var) == nil)

also, when you compare a single value to several options, another option is to use a local table:

    local falses = {
        [false] = true,
        [0] = true,
        [''] = true,
        ['0'] = true,
    function empty (var)
        return not var or falses[var] or (type(var) == 'table' and next(var)==nil)