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2010/1/21 Doug Rogers <>:
> Francesco Abbate wrote:
> Okay. That's good to know. Being lazy, I'll just ask - does it use a MS
> compiler or a GNU compiler? Last time I just downloaded the source for Linux
> and didn't even think about Windows.

I use the GNU compiler with the mingw plus msys suite. I've never used
the M$ compiler and with some luck I will never use it. Actually GSL
shell works really nicely of Windows, the AGG library has excellent
platform support for both windows and linux and I was able to use the
library pthreads-w32 to have posix threads on windows.

> To follow up on LuaEclipse, I was unable to get the debugger working by
> following the instructions at:

good luck with Eclipse. Normally I try to avoid all the Java stuff but
if it does works with Lua, why not?

Thank you for the help ;)