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Francesco Abbate wrote:
actually gsl shell works on both windows and on linux since the
beginning. In the download directory you will also find the window
binaries for the latest build.

Okay. That's good to know. Being lazy, I'll just ask - does it use a MS compiler or a GNU compiler? Last time I just downloaded the source for Linux and didn't even think about Windows.

To follow up on LuaEclipse, I was unable to get the debugger working by following the instructions at:

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 with the Eclipse package installed. Help -> About yields "Version: 3.5.1 Build id: M20090917-0800".

I could use the Eclipse Software Updates method (in Installation at the link above). That allows me to edit and run Lua code. But it doesn't appear to support the debugger, so I followed the instructions for "By manual download". That includes a zip archive of all the (extra?) .jar files.

By the way, the instructions were a little bit wrong - the .zip file needs to be uncompressed first, then the contents of features/ and plugins/ need to be moved to the corresponding Eclipse areas (I think). For me, that was /usr/share/eclipse.

I tried a number of things to get the debugger to work - among them creating a remote Java debugging configuration - but I could not see how to get it to work.

I may have a version mismatch or something. The instructions mentioned Eclipse 3.3.x and I've got 3.5.x, for example.

It looks promising; I hope to get it figured out some day.