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We've just released LuaBinaries for Lua 5.2-work2.

LuaBinaries can be found at: or at

The suffix is now "52" for all binaries. In Windows the executables now use
the VC9 (VS2008) run time library (MSVCR90.DLL). But a package with 32bits
executables that depends on MSVCRT.DLL, generated by MingW with gcc 4, is
also available and being considered as a possible replacement for the VC9
package. New mirror site on SourceForge.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri

PS1: the site at LuaForge will be updated soon.
PS2: we delayed the decision upon the run time library in Windows so others
can manifest their option, and since we have some time before Lua 5.2 final.