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Luís Jason Santos has been doing a great job with LuaEclipse. I recommend you to try it. ;)

I agree with those people who said that any completion is better than no completion.

Something I think might help in some cases is restrict the language usage to a subset of itself. For example, i've been using Ierusalimschy's OO model for Lua, and avoiding some more functional features. Parsing such a subset is much easier, and thus implementing code completion is also easier.

The parsing approach that will be used at LuaEclipse 2.0 might make code completion easier as well.

João E. Hornburg

2010/1/19 Luís Eduardo Jason Santos <>
Alexander Gladysh escreveu:

LuaEclipse 1.3.X does something very similar to this.

Where new LuaEclipse releases (or betas) are announced?

LuaEclipse developer and commit mailing lists are silent.

Since the disaster on LuaForge we have temporarily moved the codebase to GitHub.

I was waiting for ftp access to be normalized to make an official announcement, but hoping I didn't need to.

Since we are right now working on merging two different experimental codebases for LuaEclipse 2.0 I didn't think it was worth the announcement yet, since we are still far from a release, and I wanted to know how this whole LuaForge case was going to end.

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos