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steve donovan escreveu:
But dynamic languages allow much more creative work flows.  One can
work with the live program, and edit modules which can be loaded into
that system.

Sounds like something that SciTE could be taught to do.  (Also
something that the LuaEclipse people should think about)
LuaEclipse 1.3.X does something very similar to this.

We have a LuaState loaded with the standard library and all code completion comes from there.

As of version 1.3.1 users can add arbitrary 'require' calls to this environment -- thus, being able to add lua and binary modules to the code completion. I didn't want to do this automatically for I cannot anticipate the kind of problems a given module might bring if I load it at edit time.

On LuaEclipse 2.X we will most likely try to solve this problem mostly by parsing, but I still like the 'add your own require' approach.
Luís Eduardo Jason Santos