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On Sun, 17 Jan 2010 09:40:05 -0800
Wesley Smith <> wrote:

> > Sure, but it's not possible to be useful with method calls, for
> > example.  (Because the editor can't know the type of the variable
> > before the colon, as well as many other reasons.)
> >
> > For simple global functions living in tables, then yes, you might be
> > able to do something that works most of the time.  But you can't
> > auto-generate these .api files either, I bet.
> SubEthaEdit is able to find global functions for many languages.
> Seems to me it does it in quite a generic fashion.

I can't see how this can work at all.  It'd be difficult enough
calculating what a module exposes by parsing its source (assuming its
source is written in Lua, of course!).