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On Sun, 17 Jan 2010 18:17:33 +0100
Valerio Schiavoni <> wrote:
> > Lua being a dynamic language makes code completion almost worthless.
> >
> Sorry but I don't agree. I've been using Python for quite some time
> now, and the advantages of code completion as it's implemented for
> example by the PyDev enviroment are very handy.
> Groovy and Ruby plugins for popular IDE bring these kind of
> functionalities. So, I won't say "worthless".

These languages have much more structure to them.  It's easier for them
to work out what would be appropriate to offer the user when they start
typing.  For example, there's no way before compile time that an editor
could offer anything at all for code completion here:


And even for global function calls, there's no way for the editor to
know what would be available, or even would constitutes a good guess.

> > As for everything else, I have a huge amount of success with bash.
> >
> I see. I hope to get different perspectives by more Lua developers
> then ;-)

What specifically is it that you're looking for?  Bash already gives
you very good access to everything you've asked for; even the code
completion if you can actually find something that can cope with Lua.
Seems strange to discount it.