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2010/1/15 Ignacio Burgueño <>:
> On 15/01/2010 13:43, Jerome Vuarand wrote:
>> I can't tell for sure, but from a quick look at the LFS manual I think
>> the lock, unlock and setmode functions will require a common C
>> runtime. I already used projects with Lua, LFS and the libc statically
>> linked in, but I never used these three functions.
> Indeed, those are the problematic functions IIRC (there was a message some
> time ago on the Kepler list regarding this issue).

And I guess that they're extracting (undocumented) information from
the file userdata created by the IO library. So the issue is not to
have LFS and Lua use the same runtime, but LFS and the standard io
module (I for one build all standard modules, including io, as
separate DLLs).

> Keep in mind that the
> static single threaded C runtime is deprecated.

I've been using the multi-threaded one.