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2010/1/15 Antonio Scuri <>:
>  For those who use the LuaBinaries executables,
>  I'm about to release the LuaBinaries for 5.2.0-work2 and have a question
> regarding the DLL dependency.
>  I think it is time to move from vc8 (VS 2005) to vc9 (VS 2008) and the 5.2
> release is a great opportunity since it will force all modules to recompile
> anyway.
>  What do you think?

Another option is to remove the dependency on the VC runtime by
linking with the static libc (whatever the compiler used, VC8, VC9 or
GCC). I'm doing that to release small apps based on Lua, and it's
working great.

The drawback is size. I made a comparison with VC9. With dynamic libc
(MSVCR90.DLL), the lua52.dll and lua.exe files are respectively 205kiB
and 12kiB big. With static libc they are respectively 405kiB and