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Olivier Hamel wrote:
That leaves 'using', which would seem a logical keyword to choose. The downside would be that it would add a new keyword, the upside would be that it eliminates a keyword overload. Or am I the only one that feels that 'in' isn't quite right? 'Using' just has a better ring in my opinion.

I agree, and if the language was being created today the Authors would probably go that way. Be hard pressed to get them to add a keyword at this point in time though..

Personally something I'd really like to see in 5.2 is a _RESERVED global table, which lists all the reserved words (or alternatively, a lookup table with each reserved word set to true). Currently I need to make my own every time I want to write a save table function (I don't like ones that escape where it's not needed), and I'm always left feeling like there should be a more futureproof way.

- Alex