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I've just noticed a few messages regarding a new use of the 'in' keyword in Lua 5.2, and I would like to express my slight dismay at its keyword choice. One of the things I like in Lua 5.1 is that very few of the keywords are 'overloaded', the main exceptions being 'do' and 'end'.

Although I like the idea of this new usage of 'in' (which is using the table given as the env for that scope instead of the global env, or at least that's what I got from a skim of the example code), I'd personally prefer if it didn't reuse 'in' which is already in use by the 'for' loops. Perhaps we could use 'using' or 'with'? (I find 'using' appealing.) Can anyone see any issues about this minor change? Or am I missing something important?