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2010/1/4 Francesco Abbate <>:
> 2010/1/4 Wesley Smith <>:
>> I made a 3D wrapper for cairo which could probably be adapted for AGG.
>>  I made the interface look exactly like OpenGL (plus some minor
>> additions) so that I could simply change the environment of the
>> drawing function and it would switch form rendering in an OpenGL
>> context to a PDF or PNG:
> This looks **very** interesting! Thank you Wesley, I'm going to study
> your code but in the meantime if you can give me some clues about the
> logic behind it would be nice.

Hi Wesley,

I've given a look to your code and I simply don't understand it
without any explanation. I've seen that you're doing some calls to
cairo to draw triangles or lines but it is not clear to me how this is
3D since I don't see how hidden triangles are managed...