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2010/1/3 Leo Razoumov <>:
> On 2010-01-03, Francesco Abbate <> wrote:
> Francesco,
> Please, do not be discouraged from what you perceive to be a weak
> response to gsl-shell.  You started an interesting project but it is
> still in its infancy. For example, I could not find a way to do 3D
> plots or contour plots but it could be that I overlooked them. Also,
> GSL is GPL licensed library which is no-go for quite a few people. I
> wish it were LGPL instead.

Hi all,

talking about the GPL licence:
yes GSL Shell is under GPL v3 because:
- AGG library v2.5 is under GPL
- the GSL library iteself is under GPL
- I *want* to publish my work under the GPL license because I'm a free
software supporter.

A small digression: as many of you I'm working & playing with
computers since many years and I think that proprietary software is
absolutely worthless. I have seen way too many projects became
abandonware and their code base get lost just because it was
proprietary code. Free software allows people to use cooperatively the
work that other peoples have made before to build more advanced
things. Having a background in mathematics and physics I consider that
publishing free software is as basic as publish a theorem or a
physical theory.

Anyway, I'm not an integralist of GPL and I'm happy that Lua is
publish under an open source license but you can be sure that I will
keep away from it if it was closed source or proprietary.

Talking about the contour plot and 3D graphics:
I have been thinking to contour plots since the beginning and I thing
that I'm going to implement that when I will have some time.
Everything is already there with the AGG library, GSL and the Lua
interface and implement it is not that difficult. I believe you should
be able to implement it with pure Lua code.

Talking about 3D graphics, I would love to have it but unfortunately I
don't have the good background in 3D graphics. I hope to get some help
soon or later to implement 3D graphics for GSL shell...