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2010/1/4 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
>> Now I come with a Lua library for antigrain 2D graphics and the
>> reaction is: no interest at all.
> A Lua library for AAG is a great addition. If it is separate from GSL, then
> it'd be really useful and easy for people to try it.

I guess you mean AGG, it is the anti-grain geometry.

If you believe there is a real interest I can try to separate them
from the core and produce an indipendent module.

For the other side may be we should re-think the modus operandi since
right now the library open its own window for displaying graphics and
produce a pthread to keep the window updated outside of the Lua main
loop. It is possible to add element to an existing window by adding
them to a 'plot' object. The method of the plot object are secured for
concurrent access with a pthread mutex (global for all the object).

I believe this is a very good model for GSL shell but I was wondering
if it is fine for a general purpose graphics library.