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2010/1/4 David Kastrup <>:
> Don't think so.  The short function syntax debate was not about its
> inclusion in GSL-shell but rather about whether to include it in
> mainstream Lua.  I don't think that anybody expressed an issue with
> Francesco modifying his GSL-shell-internal Lua interpreter.

Thank you very much David, this is reassuring :-)

> Whatever.  I consider it appropriate for Francesco to post announcements
> about GSL-shell here.  I agree that most of the followup discussions so
> far have been a distraction having little to do with GSL-shell itself.
> Since this list is not actually the right place to discuss GSL-shell in
> itself (but possibly some of its Lua-related design decisions and
> implementation details), he should not be all too surprised or
> disappointed if the response on the list is not overly productive: for
> announcements, I should expect this to be the rule.  But that does not
> mean that the announcements should not be made.  It will get people to
> notice, and possibly eventually try things out and contribute back on
> other channels.

Ok, I understand but I'm nevertheless disappointed by the lack of
interest. Probably  it is a difference in background since many people
here are more interested in web development, video game scripting,
system scripting, networking and only a few are interested in
mathematics and graphics.

I remember when I've asked in this list about 2D graphics and the
response that I've got was: we have nothing, you can just start
gnuplot and feed the input with a pipe. All this while, at the same
time, Python features the excellent matplotlib.

Now I come with a Lua library for antigrain 2D graphics and the
reaction is: no interest at all. People didn't ask me about the
implementation, the features, the API, just nothing. Also I've
received many criticism and no help at all for anything, I was
surprised and disappointed but this is just my personal feeling.