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Miles Bader wrote:
steve donovan writes:
I confess that I was disappointed with the last announce since I've
seen little or no interest coming from the Lua community. I will stop
bother people in the mailing list if I see that there is still no
Actually, I think we appreciate the status updates. Maybe there are
some who think 'cool!' but don't want to create noise by saying this
unnecessarily often.  gsl-shell can occupy an important niche in the
Lua world for people who do numerical work,

... and it can take time for a project to find popularity, even if it's
good (and GSL looks pretty good).

Personally GSL is something that I kinda _want_ to use -- I used to do
similar calculation/plotting stuff in C writing output for gnuplot to
display (annoying), and GSL looks much nicer for that -- but I'm not
currently doing anything that needs it.  However, it's most certainly in
my memory waiting for an appropriate need to surface...

To be perfectly frank, I think Francesco should set expectations for feedback to "quite low". Then you would be pleasantly surprised when there is interest in the project.

Interest in GSL on this list is just that -- interest. Remember, this list is about Lua -- a self-selected bias. But consider the fraction who use Lua and need to use GSL-like tools on a non-casual basis -- how many are there? Also, it's hard to push new tools on mathematicians and a lot of engineers like the convenience of spreadsheets for flexible preparation and manipulation of data. So there are people who express interest on this list. But how many early adopters will you get?

Discussion on syntax etc. on this list is about the extension of Lua -- it may not correlate at all with gaining users or adopters.

It's hard to grow a community for a niche project. But I'm sure it can be done. Good luck and best wishes. Keep plugging along.

PS. Some may label this post as "killjoy". But I'm just espousing practical expectations instead of optimistic expectations.
Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia