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steve donovan <> writes:
>> I confess that I was disappointed with the last announce since I've
>> seen little or no interest coming from the Lua community. I will stop
>> bother people in the mailing list if I see that there is still no
>> interest.
> Actually, I think we appreciate the status updates. Maybe there are
> some who think 'cool!' but don't want to create noise by saying this
> unnecessarily often.  gsl-shell can occupy an important niche in the
> Lua world for people who do numerical work,

... and it can take time for a project to find popularity, even if it's
good (and GSL looks pretty good).

Personally GSL is something that I kinda _want_ to use -- I used to do
similar calculation/plotting stuff in C writing output for gnuplot to
display (annoying), and GSL looks much nicer for that -- but I'm not
currently doing anything that needs it.  However, it's most certainly in
my memory waiting for an appropriate need to surface...


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