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2009/11/23 steve donovan <>:
> Hi all,
> Nathan Youngman will continue to host and support this blog, but finds
> himself too busy to keep it fed.  Since this is a common problem, we
> are opening the floor to anybody interested in writing short articles
> about Lua.  I have re-started the ball rolling with an introduction to
> Sputnik, and have several more in the pipeline. However, any single
> contributor will eventually start going on about their own peculiar
> obsessions, which would be a small subset (not necessary a proper one)
> of the interests of the Lua community.

Nice. I'd be happy to write one about my experiences developing
Prosody, which has been an interesting journey for me, right from
start when I had "You can't use Lua for *that*!" from every person I
spoke to about it. It was the doubt of those people that kept me
going, and now Prosody is a large (for Lua) codebase, and competitive
with alternative XMPP servers written in Java, erlang, and all the
other "proper" server-side languages. Quite simply, Lua rocks :)