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We are pleased to announce the release of Prosody 0.6.0.

Prosody is a lightweight Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua. It aims
to be flexible, easy to extend, and simple to use for both users
and developers alike.

This new release branch brings us another range of new features. Thanks
to a rather long testing phase a whole range of pesky bugs have also been

For a walkthrough of the new features in 0.6, see the blog post at

For the time-impaired, the following is a short summary of changes:

 * Console: Allow to add/remove hosts, reload config and shutdown
 * MUC: Allow multiple sessions of the same JID to use the same nick
 * MUC: Support for persistent rooms
 * MUC: Support for roles, affiliations, config and admin controls
 * mod_compression: zlib compression support for XMPP sessions
 * TLS for s2s connections
 * Per-host SSL/TLS certificates for vhosts
 * New importer for MySQL ejabberd dumps
 * Compatibility with vcard fetching from ejabberd chatrooms

Note also that the unexpectedly long release cycle of 0.6 means
that 0.7 is already not far off, so watch this space! :)


Happy Jabbering,
 The Prosody Team