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Hi Mike,
>But there's a general caveat on Windows: all C symbols (e.g.
>lua_pcall) are bound to a specific DLL name. This means that you
>need to keep the name of the Lua DLL (i.e. lua51.dll) for the
>LuaJIT DLL, too.

I'm sure I use the same DLL name.

>If some parts of your code link to the LuaJIT DLL (because you
>used a new name), but other parts (like a loadable module) link to
>the Lua DLL, you are guaranteed to get a crash.
>A screen capture probably wouldn't help. I need a (small) test
>case that illustrates the problem. And I need source code to
>diagnose this, like a small C program plus a Lua program that
>shows the crash.

I have written a piece of cpp code, it works under Windows XP Pro SP3,
should be compiled by VC2008 with luabind 0.8.1 which depends on boost
library. Also a lua test function which will be called from cpp source code.
See the attachment.

Build this project, then run the executable with either LuaJIT dll or official
Lua dll. You can see after printing 3, official Lua will push an error message, 
but LuaJIT just crashes.
>That said, I have no other bug reports about lua_pcall. It's used
>in the stand-alone executable (luajit.exe) without problems.

Yes, I see. So I guess maybe luajit.exe catches the false but the interpreter 
core does not.

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