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Hi, Cheng, Long

	I think that's not true, LuaJIT is announced to be a drop-in replace of Lua, and provides Lua source level compatible with standard Lua C API. 

My problem here seems to illustrate a incompatible defect of LuaJIT. I can reproduce this at ease, and made a screen capturing film for the reproducing steps, but the mail list limites the mail size smaller than 40 KB, I cannot upload it there. Does any one give me an official explanation? 

Many thanks.

======= 2009-11-16 10:03:37 you wrote:=======

>YangFan 写道:
>> Hi,Lua list
>> 	          I have a C++ program which embeds Lua interpreter and registers several classes, then replace the Lua interpreter dll with LuaJIT2's. I find that  
>Replacing lua dll with luajit dll may not work. You should recompile 
>your code with luajit header files and link to luajit library.

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