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Le Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:08:55 +0100,
Jerome Vuarand <> s'exprima ainsi:

Thanks for you hints, Jerome.

> > * Is there a standard way to copy (clone) lua objects --especially tables?
> There is no single way to do that. What about subtables ? Should they
> be referenced by the new table, or cloned too ? What about recursive
> references (t={}, t.itself = t) ? What about non-clonable members
> (full userdata) ? You need to answer all these questions before
> writing a table dump function, and my answers are probably not the
> same as yours.

You're right, for sure. Thought at upper level copy, so non-atomic items remain shared references. I have a clone() that just iterates at top-level.

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