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* Is there a standard way to iterate _only_ on keys / values of a table; or items of table used as a plain array? (have written iterators for that, but would prefere to use std way)

* Is there a standard way to test for membership (in keys, values, items)? (I use the iterators above, but ditto)

* Stdlib operations on strings and files can be written obj:op(). But this does not seem to work for tables. Am I right? Is there a reason for this? Is it possible to make the syntax uniform by assigning stdlib funcs defined on "table" to the type "table"?

* Is there a way to make lua _implicitely_ use a "method" for print-ing? (thought __tostring was for this, but I can't make it work)

* Is there a standard way to copy (clone) lua objects --especially tables?

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