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2009/11/9 Patrick <>:
> Again I am new to Lua and just learning my way around. I am trying to figure
> how to use it appropriately in my projects. Where does Lua fit in your
> stack?
> I would like to use Lua for web development and Desktop development. I have
> not figured out things out but my web stack might look a bit like:
> Ubuntu
> Fast CGI server(Cherokee, Lightpd, Xavante etc)
> My App or Orbit+ My App
> My App or Kepler+My App
> My desktop stack might be:
> Ubuntu
> C language
> Lua
> Lua-Gnome or Browser for GUI

My desktop stack :
- win32 API
- C glue (lwin32)
- Lua

Not portable of course, but Lua code remains surprisingly succinct,
and it works like a charm even with a single thread.