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On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 7:21 AM, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> Steven Johnson wrote:
>> Sure, I'll see what I can do. This is embedded in a pretty big program and
>> I think I've got meetings and such this week, so it might be a few days
>> getting around to it.
> The beta phase will take quite a bit longer than that. Take your
> time. :-)

(Apologies if you get something similar to this, though I think the previous
message got timed out.)

I got around to this today, loading some dummy modules at various parts
of the code and dumping package, and tracked the switch between well-ordered
modules and nesting to where we initialize our middleware. Making an educated
guess, I added _control87( _PC_53, MCW_PC ); immediately after that call.
After that, and updating a few libraries to LJ2, the game is up and running! :D

(Looks like the package.loaders thing was just another consequence of this.)

This being DX9, it would seem the lack of D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE
reared its ugly head and fubar'd LJ2. I'll see about doing this a bit
more properly
and report back if anything violates that assumption. If not, though,
I guess it's
worth putting a warning somewhere. :)