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steve donovan wrote:
This is in fact the case that makes this so non-trivial.  It is not
difficult to do a token-filter that copes with the difference between
A[i,j] and A[i,j] = value, but multiple assignment needs a proper AST

I created a patch for multi-dimensional indexing over the weekend (see code below) and pretty-much reached the same conclusion. I eventually gave up on using multiple parameters for the indexing and instead modified the parser to treat m[1,2] the same as m[1][2]. Apart from being a very small patch (and faster to parse) it doesn't break multiple assignment or constructors. Of course, I personally would hope that this never officially makes it into Lua because it forces a very specific and unnessessary syntax onto the language IMHO, but for the time being it would probably be good enough for what Francesco is after.

As far as the technical implementation goes my patch does 3 things:

1) The yindex function (which parses table indices) has been modified so that it doesn't parse the outer '[' and ']' tokens. This is now handled by the calling functions. 2) The loop in primaryexp has been modified to keep looping and indexing while the ',' token is encountered. 3) The recfield function has had a couple of lines added so that parsing of constructors remains the same. Statements such as m={[1][2]="foo"} could technically be made to work but they're nonsensical and would fail since m[1] is nil to begin with. Also the existing parser doesn't allow statements such as m={[1]={}, [1][2]="foo"} so I've kept that behaviour the same.

I haven't tested this patch exhaustively but looking at the way the code works I think it should be ok, it seems to have no problem handling code like this:

-- test multidimensional arrays. also test constructors
-- and multiple assignment to show they're not broken
m = {[1]={}, [2]="foo"}
m[1,2] = "bar"
print(m[2], m[1][2], m[1,2])    --> foo  bar bar = {} = "grok"
print(m["foo","bar"])           --> grok


Mark Feldman

=== mda.patch===
diff C:\Temp\lua-5.1.4\src/lparser.c lua-5.1.4\src/lparser.c
<   luaX_next(ls);  /* skip the '[' */
<   checknext(ls, ']');
>   {
>     luaX_next(ls);
>     checknext(ls, ']');
>   }
<         luaK_exp2anyreg(fs, v);
<         yindex(ls, &key);
<         luaK_indexed(fs, v, &key);
>         luaX_next(ls);
>         do
>         {
>             luaK_exp2anyreg(fs, v);
>             yindex(ls, &key);
>             luaK_indexed(fs, v, &key);
>         } while (testnext(ls, ','));
>         checknext(ls, ']');

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