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Alex Davies wrote:

Right, easily possible - particularly if i18nlib.Translator makes a lot of allocations. Easy enough to fix though, just save translators[key] to a local variable and restore it after the i18nlib call.

- Alex

Sadly, i18nlib.Translator allocates just a userdata wrapping a pointer (so 4 bytes for me).

Would this be safe?
local user = inconcert.authUser or {languageId=14346, codepage="UTF-8"}

local temp = translators[key] or {}	-- get a strong reference to the
					-- elements in the weak table	translators[key] = temp
local translator = temp[user.languageId]
if not translator then
	translator = i18nlib.Translator{(arguments omitted)}
	temp[user.languageId] = translator
return translator