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module("translators", package.seeall)

local translators = {}
setmetatable(translators, {__mode = "v"})
local mt = {}

-- If there is not a suitable translator (for the given key and language),
-- create a new one and store it in a weak-valued table so it does not
-- linger there for ever.
mt.__index = function(tab, key)
   local user = inconcert.authUser or {languageId=14346, codepage="UTF-8"}
--> translators[key] = translators[key] or {}
   local translator = translators[key][user.languageId]
   if not translator then
translator = i18nlib.Translator{domain=key, language = user.languageId, codepage = user.codepage, transliterate=false}
-->     translators[key][user.languageId] = translator
   return translator

setmetatable(_M, mt)

A user reported the following error:
shared.render.cgiluaPage: ...les\inConcert\Web\data\lua\inconcert\translators.lua:20: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

Line 20 is the second line in the code above marked with an arrow.
I guess that is possible that the GC kicks in between both marked lines, so the table I put in the weak table went away, right?

Ignacio Burgueño