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2009/11/5 Francesco Abbate <>:
> 2009/11/5 Fabien <>:
>> In metalua:
>> -- Metalua extension --
>> -{ block:
> [...]
>> x = setmetatable({ }, MT)
>> -- Use the metatable --
>> print (x[1])
>> print (x[1,2])
>> print (x[1,2,3])
>> It generates normal code for 1-dimension indices; if there are several
>> indices, it directly calls the __index metamethod with all the indices.
>>    -- Fabien
> Thank you very much Fabien, that looks great. I really need to improve
> my knowledge of Metalua since it is an excellent tool.
> The only problem is that if I adopt this solution I will be forced to
> run GSL shell through Metalua instead of Lua. This will add a
> significant level of complexity that will be, at the end, unjustified.
> So, I'm going to test your solution, it is a really smart proposition,
> but still I would like to adopt the option of changing Lua itself.
> So, I still need the help of the Lua hackers :-)

If you don't mind modifying Lua itself, why can't you use Metalua ?
What's the difference between a patched Lua and Metalua ?