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Francesco Abbate <> wrote:
> 2009/11/2 Thomas Lauer <>:
> > After more than two years of development, I am happy to announce the
> > release of Idle version 1.0.
> >
> > See for details about Idle and
> > for downloads.
> >
> > Idle is a compact, powerful scripting language based on Lua 5.1. It is
> > available for Windows 2000 and later systems (a Linux/BSD/... release is
> > neither available nor planned). Idle is released under the MIT licence.
> >
> > Anyone interested in the upcoming source code release please drop me a
> > quick note as I a looking for a few volunteers to torture with a
> > preliminary release of the sources.
> Hi Thomas,
> I've given a look to your page. It seems to me that Idle is not 'based
> on Lua' but actually *is* Lua just with some customizations :-)

Since the above was written I have added further features (see ).
So although Idle is indeed (mostly) backward-compatible it is, as far as
I can see, not Lua.

However, other people have been known to disagree. Fair enough as I may
be misguided or even muddled in my thinking. At any rate, I'm not going
to argue the point: if you think Idle is Lua, that's fine with me.

> I was also interested in the gui module and I was wondering if it is
> based on an existing toolkit or if you built it from scratch.

The latter. It is a pragmatic attempt to create a usable module ("good
enough") for building simple GUIs and dialog boxes. Like many things in
Idle the gui module is mostly based on what I needed for my own projects
(though I added some bits and pieces as suggested by other users).

> Otherwise, I'm using Windows at work with mingw and I would be glad to
> try your code.


Compiling with minGW won't be an out-of-the-box experience but it should
be possible w/o too much trouble.

cheers  thomasl