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Vyacheslav Egorov wrote:
if it were compiled with LuaJIT-2, would it "just work"?
No, it was already discussed before (when Mike announced that he
altered bytecode format). Someone needs to provide a new bytecode

I am aware of the byte-code change. My question could be better defined as

"Given Metalua is written IN Lua (to my knowledge) - should it be used by LuaJIT-2, will it use the new byte-codes automatically or does it have them defined as constants that would need to be changed/altered?"

For most Lua libraries, I wouldn't even ask as I would assume (being written in Lua) that they'd just work. However, given the fact Metalua does play with the AST of code it compiles - I thought the question more pertinent.

The next big library for me to work out how to get LuaJIT-2 compatible is Pluto. It didn't work with LuaJIT-1 for a variety of reasons, but I am hoping perhaps there is a way to get it working for this version of LuaJIT. Will wait on a more stable version though before I dig into that project.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer