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From: Mike Pall
Date: 11/2/2009 5:43 PM
David Given wrote:
If at any point you felt inclined to formalise and document the LJ2
bytecode, it might be interesting as a target for other languages
(assuming the bytecode is any easier to use than just emitting Lua, of
Emitting source is easier. But the semantic mismatches vs. other
languages make this an unattractive option.
Metalua, I believe, outputs bytecode. I haven't had much success with its source output. So, I imagine, without a bytecode translator or a LuaJIT emitter added to Metalua, it isn't possible to use Metalua extensions with LuaJIT.

Just talking out loud. I haven't tried LuaJIT 2 yet, but I am very impressed by the benchmarks.