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>>> If at any point you felt inclined to formalise and document the LJ2
>>> bytecode, it might be interesting as a target for other languages
>>> (assuming the bytecode is any easier to use than just emitting Lua, of
>>> course).

>> Emitting source is easier. But the semantic mismatches vs. other
>> languages make this an unattractive option.

> Metalua, I believe, outputs bytecode.  I haven't had much success with its
> source output.  So, I imagine, without a bytecode translator or a LuaJIT
> emitter added to Metalua, it isn't possible to use Metalua extensions with
> LuaJIT.

I would be interested in LuaJIT-compatible backend for Metalua. This
is, indeed, a way to rule, if not the whole world, but at least quite
a part of it! ;-)