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Vyacheslav Egorov <mister.aleph <at>> writes:

> Also there were some benchmarks[1] showing that HotSpot-Server is not
> the fastest JVM around. It might be interesting to test the very same
> number crunching app on JRockit or Excelsior JET.
> [1]; methodology of the
> benchmarking was not flawless, so results should be interpreted with
> caution.

Only one (fannkuch) of the four programs that Stefan Krause borrowed from the
benchmarks game shows Excelsior JET much faster than HotSpot.

The fifth and final program (himeno) shows Excelsior JET 4x faster and that
(outlier?) has an unduly large effect on the mean Stefan Krause shows.

Let's be clear - the benchmarks game isn't flawless either! ;-)

However, the benchmarks game has been open to incremental improvements over the
last 4 or 5 years - in fact, median (more resistant to outliers) and quartiles
are shown instead of a mean because someone came and made a persuasive argument.

And of course programmers contribute better programs - the Java fannkuch program
Stefan Krause borrowed is no longer shown, it's been replaced by 2 faster Java

No doubt "someone" will contribute better LuaJIT programs :-)