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David Given wrote:
>> SciMark scores on a 3 GHz Core2 E8400 (single-thread, not vectorized),
>> higher numbers are better:
> [...]
>> LuaJIT 2.0.0-beta1   580.4  |  427.4  1025.0   223.7   303.4   922.5
>> LuaJIT 1.1.5          96.7  |   72.0   166.1    37.1    91.8   116.5
>> Lua 5.1.4             16.5  |   11.0    27.4     7.6    16.9    19.5
> Impressive. However...

I forgot to add:

I assume what you're using here are hand-translated versions of the
SciMark benchmarks to each of the various languages? Is it:

...? What about the C version? I'd be interested to run it through Clue
and see what happens.

Incidentally, I have tried to compare LuaJIT 2 with V8, but V8 doesn't
seem to want to build easily these days. Last time I tried it I recall
that it wasn't particularly fast compared to LuaJIT 1 anyway!

Anyway, it's very good to see this out, and it's impressively fast. It'd
be very interesting to try doing traditionally high-CPU tasks with
LuaJIT 2 and to see how well it works; I work in the mobile phone
industry and it is *frightening* how shoddy the code tends to be. It'd
be really nice to move away from traditional languages like C and C++
and towards scripting languages like Lua.

Now I just have to wait for an ARM version...

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