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Lawrence E. Bakst wrote:
> for k,v in pairs(fields) do res[v] = math.sqrt(res[v]) end;

That isolated line doesn't crash here, no matter how hard I try.

> [1]    95226 segmentation fault  luajit -jdump=b ktest.lua

Please recompile LuaJIT with debug info. Enable this line:
and this line (if you have GDB 7.0 or higher) in src/Makefile:
Then do 'make clean && make'.

Now run the recompiled luajit executable under GDB:
  gdb --args ./luajit ktest.lua

At the GDB prompt type 'run'. After the crash it should print the
C file + line where the problem is. I need the output of 'bt', too.
And I may need to know a bit more context, like the values of some
local variables in the vicinity of the crash. But we'll have to see.

If it crashes in a location called something like TRACE_31 (only
visible with GDB 7.0), then I need to see the full code of that
particular trace. Assuming the code is deterministic, just rerun
with -jdump=bim,foo.dump, cut out that particular trace from
foo.dump and send it to me please.