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Is below enough info to find the crash? Here is output run with -jdump=b. What else do you need?

---- TRACE 34 start ktest.lua:465
0019  KSHORT  16   0
0020  TSETV   16   3  14
0021  ITERC   14   3   3  ; next
---- TRACE 34 abort ktest.lua:465 -- NYI: FastFunc next

---- TRACE 34 start ktest.lua:477
[1]    95226 segmentation fault  luajit -jdump=b ktest.lua

line 477 reads:

for k,v in pairs(fields) do res[v] = math.sqrt(res[v]) end;

Is line 477 likely to be the cause of the problem? It is in a function called std_dev that is called over and over again. The crash happens on the 64th iteration of a loop, but which time that function has been called 30*64 times.

The code runs fine with -joff