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Mike Pall wrote:

Ta, I'll give it a try.

> Looks like V8 is only faster on the only recursive and allocation-
> heavy benchmark in there. And it's much slower on all others.
> Even LJ1 was often faster than V8.

Of course, the Shootout uses hand-translated code. I'd be interested to
compare using machine-translated code, using the same algorithm in each
language. (I'm well aware that I'm not working in the real world here.)

>  2.11  Fortran
>  2.32  ==> LuaJIT <==
>  2.56  C# Mono

May I say that that is awesome?

> Collect requirements (desired number type, target architectures,
> VFP or not etc.), collect funding, gather people who'd like to
> work on it. In short: let me not drown in administrative stuff.
> I'm more efficient at designing/coding.
> [Sorry for the rant, please don't take it personally.]

Oh, I'm well aware that it would be a lot of work! And I don't expect
you to drop what you're doing and do one. I'm willing to let you rest
for a few weeks before producing the next miracle...

Actually, I'd be quite willing to have a look at it myself (after
waiting for the codebase to stabilise), but I suspect I won't have the
opportunity; I have a feeling that other people with more money than I
are going to be eyeing LuaJIT and ARM and rubbing their hands together.

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