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first of all: congratulations with your new release!  It must have
been a hell of a job.

> The shootout site now shows LuaJIT 2:

The pidigits benchmark is nagging me a bit, in particular i'm not sure
if my "matrix optimizations" used in #5 are in fact optimizations when
using lgmp.  (I did those for a Lua only implementation.)  For
example, as shown here

version #7 is still faster and that one doesn't use the matrix trick.
This is on x64, no JIT, but still i'm wondering why the difference...


> As I've already said in a reddit comment:
>  Heh, it beats Intel Fortran on two numeric benchmarks (mandelbrot
>  and spectralnorm). :-)
>  Only the hand-vectorized stuff in C and C++ is faster. Guess I
>  need to add auto-vectorization. Well, maybe next week ... ;-)
> --Mike