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steve donovan wrote:
> What is particularly impressive, from the point of view of someone who
> has to do serious numerical work occaisionally, is that LJ2 is right
> up there with the compiled languages for raw performance - and this is
> just the beta!  So, the generalization 'dynamic languages are slow' is
> now officially outdated.  Also, I would suspect that the memory use
> for LJ2 versus Java would be much less.  (So much for another common
> generalization, that one has to pay for VM use in memory)

The shootout site now shows LuaJIT 2:

As I've already said in a reddit comment:

  Heh, it beats Intel Fortran on two numeric benchmarks (mandelbrot
  and spectralnorm). :-)

  Only the hand-vectorized stuff in C and C++ is faster. Guess I
  need to add auto-vectorization. Well, maybe next week ... ;-)