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Duncan Cross wrote:
Benjamin Tolputt wrote:
I'm not trying to belittle the fact it is being addressed by the core
Lua developers at all (I think that shows they do listen, even if they
haven't let anyone know about their plans concerning hexadecimals in
It was easy to miss, but Luiz did say at one point the feature was
"likely" to be added (for 5.2, presumably):

Thanks for that. While I did indeed miss that, it doesn't really fill me with confidence. Given the small size of the patch, the strong show of support for the feature, and the reticence in stating anything in regards to it being officially supported - the word "likely" comes across as less than solid.

It does go to point out my issue with relying on Lua 5.2 to fix problems though. Until such time as the Lua core developers release something showing Lua 5.2 (be it alpha, beta, or release candidate) - we cannot really rely on anything being implemented / fixed / changed. At the very least, we don't know when it will be released and at the other end of the scale, we cannot even be sure if certain features will be implemented at all.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer