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Greg Falcon wrote:
> But it's been mentioned on this thread already that in 5.2, #t will
> respect a __len metamethod.  So what you are calling "the real
> problem" has already been addressed.

Not quite, I say it "will soon be addressed" for a given definition of
"soon". For example, do we have any timeline on the Lua 5.2 release? How
long before LuaJIT complies with the Lua 5.2 features? How long before
other libraries work with Lua 5.2? And so on.

I'm not trying to belittle the fact it is being addressed by the core
Lua developers at all (I think that shows they do listen, even if they
haven't let anyone know about their plans concerning hexadecimals in
strings). But these are all questions that need to be asked by
developers in the middle of a project using Lua. Some fix at an
undefined date in the future with yet more time needed for support
libraries is not something we can rely on given commercial requirements
and deadlines.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer