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2009/9/23 Patrick <>:
>> probably you are saying about different things - Qt itself and Qt/Lua
>> binding
> Absolutely. I am not criticizing QT or any other toolkit, I am just
> wondering if I am going in the wrong direction. I would like to use Lua
> with GTK in particular but I am second guessing myself because there
> seems like quite a small community around it. I can't understand why?
> Why would anyone want to code a GUI in C/C++ if they had something like Lua?

several reasons:
 - they know C/C++ and not Lua
 - the native language of the toolkit is C/C++ so the API may fit better
 - the bindings are usually supported by a third party, so there are
likely more bugs, moreover, they come after the toolkit becomes
widespread and are usually less mature
 - it adds dependencies to the application
 - since less people uses it there are less docs/tutorials/examples around
 - they may simply like C/C++ more than Lua :)

that said, I'd like to shamelessly plug my Qt binding for Lua. It
suffers all of the above, in particular "not mature", but is slowly