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I am just learning Lua.

One thing I thought might be a good application of it would be to use it
for the GUI code rather then pure C/C++. Lua is fast and light weight
and although it can be used for general uses it's my understanding that
it is at it's heart an extension language and as so, a wrapper language?

Having said this, toolkit support does not look so good. GTK has one
hard working developer, QT is not so great. There is some TK support but
do people write medium to large applications in TK? WxLua is not bad.

Is Lua not much more expressive and pleasant to work with then C/C++ ?
wouldn't replacing all that C code for the GUI be a good thing? Wouldn't
using a fast scripting language make it easier to edit later? Is there a
reason the Toolkit support is not a little better? Is this not an ideal
use of Lua?

Thanks in advance-Patrick