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Actually there's a lot of bindings to GUI libraries. There are
lgob.gtk, lua-gtk, wxLua, IUP, luaqt, among others, and I think that
they are pretty good.

What problems have you experienced?

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 9:09 AM, Patrick
<> wrote:
> I am just learning Lua.
> One thing I thought might be a good application of it would be to use it
> for the GUI code rather then pure C/C++. Lua is fast and light weight
> and although it can be used for general uses it's my understanding that
> it is at it's heart an extension language and as so, a wrapper language?
> Having said this, toolkit support does not look so good. GTK has one
> hard working developer, QT is not so great. There is some TK support but
> do people write medium to large applications in TK? WxLua is not bad.
> Is Lua not much more expressive and pleasant to work with then C/C++ ?
> wouldn't replacing all that C code for the GUI be a good thing? Wouldn't
> using a fast scripting language make it easier to edit later? Is there a
> reason the Toolkit support is not a little better? Is this not an ideal
> use of Lua?
> Thanks in advance-Patrick