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Argg! I am not normally a language bigot, but if there is one programming
language that ought to be banned it is Forth. It would certainly be a
disastrously awful teaching language. I had to do a project in this language
some years ago and I would not be exaggerating when I say it nearly drove me
to a nervous breakdown! A colleague on the project described Forth as "the
write once, read never language" and certainly it was a major challenge to
understand code you had written a few hours ago let alone what anyone else
had written. Reading Forth code is like trying to translate a book written
in a foreign language armed only with a dictionary itself written in that
language - you look up a word, then you look up a word in the definition,
then a word in that definition, six stack levels down you've completely lost
track of where you started!

One thing I agree with on the web site you reference, Forth is certainly a
"unique programming language", but that alone surely makes it a poor choice
for teaching?

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> On 2009-09-22 15:07, Patrick wrote:
> > Not to hijack this thread but if anyone has any links to books
> related
> > designing desktop applications I would love to receive such a link.
> > There are plenty of GUI design books but not much on backend side
> other
> > then pure DB stuff. I assume everything still uses MVC but I still
> > useless here I don't really know how to divide up the logic and lay
> the
> > App out.
> I have recently started reading Thinking Forth [1], which I think is
> pretty awesome and you might like.
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