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Don't make the mistake that I have.

I have spent the past couple years learning several languages(part time)
but I still don't think I am a good programmer.

If your grammar is perfect and you spell well, are you all set to write
a novel? probably not.

Please don't forget to study programming strategies. I am having a hard
time finding books myself but I just ordered "Software System Development"

Learning to program in a somewhat language agnostic manner might be
something to start with earlier then I did. I still don't know how to
put a complex application together I just know lots of little pieces.

One more thing....

Ignoring languages such as assembly and so on, I wonder if it is safe to
say that one should learn THE programming language and a few of it's
dialects. The difference between not knowing any programming language
and learning your first well, is much further then picking up your
second and third language.

I am in Canada, I might sometimes have a bit of trouble catching
Jamaican English or some British accent but it's still English and I can
manage, not so with Mongolian. The difference between the most common
languages is the difference between Australian English and US English
not the difference between Thai and Spanish. Please don't become too
obsessed with learning the perfect language as I did myself when I
started, if you choose the wrong one you can switch dialects later.

Not to hijack this thread but if anyone has any links to books related
designing desktop applications I would love to receive such a link.
There are plenty of GUI design books but not much on backend side other
then pure DB stuff. I assume everything still uses MVC but I still
useless here I don't really know how to divide up the logic and lay the
App out.