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Patrick wrote:
Ignoring languages such as assembly and so on, I wonder if it is safe to
I've found during my career (which is now well into its 3rd decade) that the folks that understand assembly language (for any processor, real or virtual) tend to understand word-size issues, truncations, pointer issues much better than those people that only work in high level languages. I can't put it any better than that, sorry, its just something you pick up when describing and working through issues with folks.

A similar trait also appears with relation to understanding how memory works - those with low level machine knowledge seem to understand the pitfalls of memory management and possible solutions so much better than those that assume having a garbage collector means they can never suffer from memory leaks (you wish!).

So, ignore assembly if you wish. In most cases it won't do you any harm. But if you do take the time to understand things at that level, you'll probably have some problems disolve before you later in life that would leave you puzzled without the slightly greater depth of your knowledge.