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After creating a library named console.dll, I encountered a problem that was discussed once on the list (see thread [1]).

The source file for my console.dll is:
#include "lua.h"
int luaopen_console (lua_State *L) { return 0; }

I run
lua -lconsole
from the directory, where console.dll resides, and get the following:

lua: error loading module 'console' from file './console.dll':
	The specified procedure could not be found.

stack traceback:
	[C]: ?
	[C]: ?
	[C]: ?

According to the message, Lua fails to find the procedure in './console.dll', but that is not true, as in fact it fails on
C:\Windows\system32\console.dll (see [1]).

BTW, my package.cpath begins with "./?.dll;"

So it seems that even if the problem itself is hard to resolve, then at least the error message should be corrected, since it is misleading.